At the edge of the Adour, the small town of Dax is located in the Landes and Bearn, between pine forests and rolling hills. Dax is since Roman antiquity a city renowned for the quality of its warm waters, which was quickly classified the status of spa town: it is this activity that relies most of the city economy . Hot Fountain, where the warm waters emerge from the earth, is one of the symbolic places of Dax, at the location of supposed ancient Roman baths. The old Dax pedestrian area full of mansions witnessed its prosperity; we also note the radius heritage Notre Dame cathedral, the ancient remains that are the Gallo-Roman ramparts and Roman crypt. Dax is also known for its arenas, especially active during the feria of Dax in August, when an impressive stream of tipsy visitors invade the city, dressed in traditional colors: white and red.