Fashionable destination, Croatia has become a real star European vacation: sun drenched, surrounded by the intense blue of the Adriatic, here cross the Balkan and Western influences. Croatia is a dream for its coasts and islands, and these will not only summarize the beautiful beaches: Roman and Byzantine remains, the Venetian towns gaits, but also preserved natural spaces and beautiful countryside in the country . It's a little stuff that awaits you during a trip to Croatia. First, make a stop in the largest city in Croatia: Zagreb, a vibrant city of nearly 800 000 inhabitants located in the center of Croatia. It has an old medieval center with cobbled streets and houses quite picturesque Then the touristic management Dubrovnik, nicknamed "the pearl of the Adriatic": This beautiful harbor is ranked on the list of World Heritage by UNESCO. Then include the port of Split in Central Dalmatia with its many Roman remains and ideal climate, typically Mediterranean. Then wander the port of Pula at the tip of the Istrian peninsula, where you can admire the ruins of a Roman amphitheater. Always on the coast there is Rijeka, both the largest port of Croatia and the third largest city of the country. Returning to the land we find the capital of Slavonia, Osijek an important transport center near the junction of the Drava and the Danube, as well as Varaždin, the old baroque capital of Croatia. Guide: all Croatian regions! Istria The heart-shaped peninsula immersed in the blue clarity of the Adriatic Sea is an oasis of beauty. It is also a sumptuous door leading to the sunny Mediterranean. Partially uncovered it again and the vacation of your dreams will come true. This piece of magical land, a place of cultural mixes and hospitality combines the most contrasting features. On one side, there are crystal clear sea, unspoilt coastline, its small ports

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