Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country where one can see life in all its forms. The charms of the Ticos and climate make this city a place full of life. This city is like a wild paradise with its idyllic beaches, soaring mountains, the jungle, its lunar plains, huge forests breathtaking, impressive ocean and its seabed worthy of the most beautiful aquariums. The country quickly able to bet on tourism as a major source of income: the natural landscapes of Costa Rica are the reason for its tourism success, particularly among Americans particularly fond of beautiful beaches and seaside resorts; they represent a total of half the tourist market in the country! Discover Costa Rica Small Central American countries, Costa Rica knows this notable distinction of being a state without an army, since it was abolished in 1949. Today, the country is divided in two by a series of mountain ranges crossing the country as an axis, including some active volcanoes. They are also subject to organized excursions to their spectacular craters filled with acid. Besides these summits, tourism is concentrated on the west coast of Costa Rica, where the beautiful beaches are the most numerous. Far off, an island belonging to Costa Rica resembles a real paradise: the island Cocos covered with rainforest is protected by a national park. Costa Rica is undoubtedly the e