Corte or this beautiful region of Corsica in the heart of the mountains and lakes. This beauty, it's not only the generosity of nature, but also its role in history since ancient times. Corte is a region that has retained all its charm of yesteryear by combining harmoniously the treasure of the past. Things to see and do in Corte: The town of Corte is a jewel of nature, but it is also a city that knows how to honor its heritage. Several places are unavoidable and we can move without Corte discover: - The Museum of Corsica: The building of the Museum of Corsica is in itself a piece of art. Housed in the citadel of Corte is nicely made up of walls of the fifteenth and eighteenth century. It is a true showcase of what was Corsica in history. This is also the Regional Museum of Anthropology with two permanent exhibition galleries and a temporary exhibition hall. It will take about 5 € entry. (Information: 04 95 45 25 45) - The Forest of Vizzavona: for all lovers of the great outdoors, Corte offers a paradise setting. One of its strengths is surely the Vizzavona Forest. It extends over 520 hectares to provide 1 of Corsican pine and beech. Escape to this corner you will out of time. Besides, if you have the passion for hiking, you can visit the famous "Cascade des Anglais" at the bottom of a rocky. - Hiking: For hiking ideas, it is possible to take the Great Hiking trail to cross a part of Corsica Centre. By cons, it requires endurance trail that is why it requires good level of hikers with dedicated equipment (for altitudes particular). The corners where to sleep: A Corte, there is a place to sleep for every budget. According to envy