In the United Kingdom, Cornwall (Cornwall) correspond to the extreme western tip of England, surrounded by the English Channel and the Atlantic: a region where the influence of the sea is felt everywhere, with the sea air that no industry or big city comes to compromise! Cornwall indeed turn out to be a particularly rural area, because green boozy, populated by small municipalities (the main hardly exceeds 20 000 inhabitants) and has a beautiful coastline, rocky, foggy and full of legends! Discover Cornwall Cornwall (Cornwall, not to be confused with Cornwall in Brittany, on the other side of the sea) designate the most county in southwest England, the point which forms the entrance to the handle with Finistère. No large cities in this particular rural area, the capital, Truro, hardly exceeds 20 000 inhabitants! Make calm and beautiful scenery, both countrymen and maritime, Cornwall attract visitors fond of nature, caskets, solitary coastlines, rocky, dotted with small fishing ports. We still find a few more people in the resorts of the south coast region has a climate of great sweetness, brought by the passage of the Gulf Stream. Things to see and do in Cornoua