Corée du Sud

A distant destination if any, South Korea has experienced a rapid development since the 50s and the Korean War: besides the economic prowess of the country is also its culture that has gradually exported, and many fans are now cast in the discovery of this' Asian Dragon '' the far East ... Must South Korea Any trip usually starts with seoul Seoul, the ultra-modern capital and dynamics of South Korea, showcase the economic success of the country, but also a reflection of its history, with its palaces, temples and shrines. national parks, beautiful coastal areas and heritage cities make up the bulk of an exciting travel route. To do, the tour DMZ, this no man's land that separates the two Koreas since 1953! Climate and seasons Summers are hot and humid, cold and dry winters: the contrast is so marked. As often in this case, between seasons are most conducive to travel: Spring (March to May) and autumn (late September, October) are pleasant periods. Travel advice: Provide a good budget before leaving for South Korea, which is far from being a cheap destination: the cost of living is high in general, expensive accommodation, especially in Seoul, one of the most expensive capitals of the world. Identity Population: about 49 million Currency: Won Language: Korean (good news, practice English tends to increase) Input Formalities: passport valid 6 months after return, no visa a tourist stay lower than 90 days national airline: Korean Airlines (direct flights from Paris) links Official website of the national tourist of Korea Site south of the

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