Copenhagen is a reflection of these major Scandinavian cities, with calm and well maintained paces, whose streets see a succession of colorful houses and shops with sometimes unpronounceable names, but to places so endearing! Old industrial city, this city was deeply transformed, like the port area (Nyhavn), since renovated and especially pleasant. Located at the confluence of the North Sea and the Baltic, the capital of Denmark owes much to this position as a crossroads in its economic success. Near the Swedish coast and Malm & ouml ;, are connected to Copenhagen by one of the longest bridges in the world (Bridge of the & ouml; resund). The city is particularly attached to the sea; while on the top of a rock, the 'Little Mermaid' 'is one of the main attractions of the city. Discover Copenhagen Denmark Capital located in the Capital Region region, Copenhagen extends over 88 km & sup2 ;. It is distinguished by its location on a ground moraine dating from the ice age and resting on a hard limestone bottom. It fascinates backpackers and tourists who come each year by thousands because of the many areas of interest that it holds. So the rest of the city lets discover curiosities of all kinds: castle, palace, original neighborhoods, or amusement park. many varieties that reveals some of the strong cultural potential of this city. Things to see and do in Copenhagen Given its attractions, tourists do not have time to s' bored in Copenhagen. Wander the pedestrian streets famous neighborhoods like Christiania, Nyhavn, the Vesterbro Istedgade and you will discover all the facets of Copenhagen. Many castles to be discovered on site. For example, the Amalienborg Palace, the Ch√Ętea