Asia is a continent as mysterious as Africa and as modern as the North America. Vast legendary country, China brings together hundreds of cities as beautiful as each other. Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China, a very big city with a historical heritage unparalleled. Visiting Beijing, it's s impregnate thousands of years of history added a social mechanism extraordinary. Beijing The Chinese have a very different way of life in Western Europe, but they do not lack modernity and good citizenship. Discover China should be a lifetime to discover China. In this country of excess, a hundred thousand inhabitants little more than an equivalent village. China includes types as diverse climates and landscapes that allows the vast expanse of territory: the desert north to the vast plains of Mongolia, opposes the highest mountain in the world to the south, marked the natural boundary formed by the Himalayas. Southeast, the landscapes are accentuated with amazing rhythms karst formations covered with forests, the source of the landscape image '' traditional '' Chinese ancient prints. To the east is the Chinese coast that one finds major Chinese cities, showcases the economic development of the country: Beijing, with the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, summary of a turbulent history of old several centuries. Shanghai, where the old Chinese city and recent buildings coexist. Hong Kong finally, further south, a true world city. The central areas contain undiscovered treasures, such as the Sichuan region, the Terracotta Army in Xi'an, or the thousands of kilometers that covers the Great Wall. Walking through these places unusual, it is a rich and complex Chinese culture that is proposed to discover. China, a China moderneLa country will soon supplant the Franc

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