We are astonished at the extraordinary form of the Chilean territory, which seems to be a strip of land on the west coast of South America (and that includes a piece of Antarctica) with such latitudes, no wonder that Chile includes a great variety of landscape ensembles. In the north, the border consists of the Atacama Desert (the temperatures vary from 30 to 0 & deg; C in one day ...) then the entire length of the country by the Andes mountain range and its snow-capped peaks, large lakes and landscapes ranging from desert to green. Santiago, the capital, deserves attention, as well as Valparaiso, to discover the Chilean culture. But Chile is also best known for the opportunities it offers in terms of escapades in its open spaces: in the Punta Arena area with the exploration of Patagonia (including penguins and fjords), north to San Pedro de Atacama, for excursions in the desert. There are also the islands, the archipelago of ChiloƩ or Easter Island and its famous Moa i. From a few days on Easter Island Far off the coast of Chile, in the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island remains a mythical destination not least for its Moai, these strange giant figures aligned in the open-plain ... to reach Easter island, the easiest thing to fly from Chile: a great distance separates the island from the mainland, crossing the sea by request a lot of time ! To visit the island and '' go round '' of its main attractions, it takes three or four days. The lack of transport once there