Chiang Rai

Between the mountains, oceans shimmer and sunflower fields in northern Thailand stands the "City of Kings": Chiang Rai King Meng Rai of work. Its natural beauty will enchant you and its wealth of ancestral places will enchant you. Things to see and do in Chiang Rai: Despite its small size, Chiang Rai is home to several monuments, sites and places to visit. To start, pay tribute to the founder of this beautiful city by visiting the memorial of King Meng Rai the Great. His statue is in the city center. In recognition, the people surrounding her statue of a beautiful floral garden. Then the 108 pillars of the city symbolizing the universe and the five channels symbolizing the five major rivers that surround the central pillar that symbolizes him the mythical mountain Mount Meru, which, according to Hindu beliefs, is the axis of the world. After that, Go to the beautiful and mysterious Kok River where you will find the oldest temple in the city: the Phrathat Doi Cham Thong temple with its golden stupa, it houses relics of Buddha. The view of the area that offers this temple is sublime. Trai Rat in the street is the old Phra Kaeo temple residence of the Emerald Buddha, the most revered of the kingdom which was discovered in 1434 and transferred to Bangkok . Today a bronze reproduction of the statue is in the temple. The chapel is beautifully decorated, it has preserved the Lanna art with its flagship Pinnacle, the chassis of its golden windows, carved wood, etc. Another temple is to see Klang Wiang, located in downtown St. Rattanakhet, this temple is older than six centuries, it houses the sacred pillar Lak Muang and was the place where the pillars of the city was built, decoration by ro