Catalonia is an autonomous community in northeast Spain, with a very strong identity. It speaks mainly Catalan, not Castilian. The area is bordered by France and Andorra, with the Pyrenees in the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the southeast. Its capital is the famous city of Barcelona. In Catalonia you can combine cultural tourism and holiday relaxing at the beach. For culture, Barcelona, ??Figueres and Girona are unavoidable side and beach, the most popular resorts are: Lloret del mar, Salou and Tarragona. Discover Catalonia: Barcelona, ??Figueras, Cadaques, Rosas Catalonia is a region 31 & sup2 950 km; which has just over 7.5 million. Ranked among the most popular tourist destinations in Spain, with no less than 15 million tourists annually, is a region known for its many historical sites, but also for its many tourist attractions. It is a region with a strong identity, with its own language (the signs are in Spanish and Catalan), an ancient history and a territory with multiple landscape beauties: to the north, the Pyrenees and beautiful valleys, natural border with France, a beautiful coastline blending sand and rock (although too concrete in places) with the Costa Brava, an attractive countryside. And there is Barcelona, ??its beach, its intense life both day and night and architectural heritage that needs no introduction. But Catalonia also is full of towns and cities with outstanding cultural heritage, as Girona or Figueras with its famous Dali House Museum created by the artist himself. This extraordinary artist that is found in one of the most charming coastal villages, Cadaques. The resorts succeed in continuing south from the Gulf of Roses, where the coastal composition alternates between long sandy beaches and small rocky coves. All generously flooded with sunlight. See and do in Catalunya Thus,

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