Extensive Spanish province of Castilla y León region is landlocked in the heart of Spain. This lack of access to the sea has probably contributed to the region remained a little apart of the great Spanish tourist routes. Yet the Castilla y León has a rich heritage that accompany beautiful campaigns, which compose a pleasant journey. Must Castile and Leon Given the dimensions of the province, we doubt that the points of interest are numerous: Valladolid, the regional capital, is a cultural stage and living, part of the heritage is classified by Unesco. This is also true for cities such as Salamanca, Segovia, tourism / avila Avila, Burgos and its famous cathedral located on the road to Saint Jacques de Compostela, the site of Médulas near Leon, and others. Or sleep ? In all cities of the region, you will find what to do with hotels in all categories, pensions, cheap ... Hostels In the countryside, the rural houses and campsites are spread. Culture and traditions Holy Week: all the cities and villages of Castile and Leon are of particular atmosphere during Holy Week, during which successive religious processions. The most impressive celebrations are held in Valladolid and Zamora. Climate A continental climate prevails over most of the region: this results in hot, dry summers, with temperatures around 30 ° C, and cold winters, when it is between 0 ° C and 8 ° C. Identity Population: over 25

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