Ile de Capri

The Romans in their time liked to come on holiday in Capri: the absolutely beautiful scenery has not changed since ancient times, now it is the vacationers of all stripes who flock to discover the small island. Off the Sorrento Peninsula and the Bay of Naples, Capri is thus part of the essential steps of a stay in Campania, in southern Italy. an excursion to the minimum are organized there in the day, but the real fans of Capri are able to spend all their holidays! A luxury that is not allowed to everybody: posh destination, Capri is demanding level budget. Things to see and do in Capri. In a single day, you will already have the time to do a lot in Capri, whose small size (6 km 3) make it easy to visit the island. The program consistently shown the small town of Capri and its trendy marina, covered hills of Mediterranean vegetation in the direction of Anacapri (overlooking the stunning sea), villas, modern or going back to Roman times, not forgetting, of course the seafront and small beaches. An emblematic site of the beauties of Capri's Blue Grotto. CulinairesLa specialty cuisine is served in Capri is obviously full of sun. The small island has its specialties, the caprese salad, made of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, with a drizzle of olive oil. the ideal hot days. Where to stay In Capri, rather it is in the high end, which is why budget prefer a return trip in the day. Who wants to have fun on the other hand, the luxury address in an outstanding setting are all shown: (. Pool, spa) many 4-star well-equipped, some 5 star resounding luxury rental villas, B & charm. It is always better to book your accommodation in advance. Climate and seasons: when to leave early as May, he's nice and warm in Capri, the sun shines almost continuously! At the heart of the summer high season touristiq