Cappadocia is your destination if you like unusual natural landscapes. This region, in the heart of Turkey, is well known for its volcanic landscapes that are called hoodoos, but also fascinates with its cave dwellings. Get ready to take full eyes. The account Cappadocia landscape among the most amazing in Turkey. The region was the scene of a major seismic and volcanic activity, with cataclysmic estates allied to tireless work of erosion for millennia eventually forge these incomparable scenery: a succession of canyons, gorges or http: // fairy chimneys, the most characteristic formations of Cappadocia. This unusual decor is perfectly illustrated by the so Goreme Valley, a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The valley became National Park, home to cave dwellings between a large number of churches generally located in the rock by Christian monks cave paintings in good condition are among the finest examples of Byzantine religious art from the early Middle Ages. See and do in Cappadocia: The primary motivation of tourists who decide to head over Cappadocia are picturesque landscapes, do not make exceptions & agrav

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