About ten kilometers north of Bayonne, Capbreton Hossegor form with almost the same city, separated by the arm of the pass of Boucaut: this maritime access linking the port of Capbreton on the Atlantic ocean. Capbreton owes its existence to its port, and the city long known his fame thanks to its fishermen, who did not hesitate to navigate to Earth -Neuve to bring fish! Today the economy of the city relies heavily on summer tourism, and Capbreton is more like a seaside-resort. Here we find what makes the success of the Landes coast: the beaches are wide, there is room for everyone, especially the latter seem to stretch to infinity. Indeed, the whole coast consists only of a sandy coast: just go down a bit south of Capbreton to replace the city through the thick forest of the Landes, before reaching the wildest area beaches .