The% 22% 20% 20%% 5ct 22_blank Brittany is a region in% 22% 20% 20%% 5ct 22_blank France has always been quite traditional and authentic. While modern, this area has retained a charm that few other regions to have preserved. As in Britain, a detour on the side of Cancale worth the effort. Konkaven called by the Britons, Cancale has always been known for its white oysters that are found nowhere else. The traditional look and the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the city are based on oyster culture, besides many are fathers son of farmers and even the dishes and culinary specialties revolve around Cancale oysters. Overlooking the Mont Saint Michel, Cancale offers a very interesting wild landscape. Many are the reasons why a person may visit Cancale, but what is certain is that the city does not leave you indifferent. Things to see and do in Cancale Cancale wants Visit necessarily mean visit the Emerald Coast. Located 12 kilometers from Cancale, this coast immerses you in the beauty of the French coast to the magical charm. It is Composed of several giant rock towns advancing majestically into the sea. The beauty of this show is a wonder of nature, which many artists including the painter Léon Hamonet. During the endless walks on the beaches, no one can miss the oyster beds. All over the city, restaurants and pubs serving food bases oyster to discover. Strolling in Cancale necessarily takes you to the old port city. Surrounded by several authentic old houses converted mostly in bars or restaurants s

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