Countries of West Africa still room at the tourist routes, Cameroon deserves to be better known. Just look at the map to understand the landscape diversity of which the country enjoys: the far north, we are on the fringes of the desert, followed savannahs, western highlands to Mount Cameroon, which culminates at 4100 meters near the coast, decorated with beautiful tropical beaches, before sinking back into the lands to the south, from which emerge the deep rainforest ... A delight for the eyes! Come and meet local people, walk the covered markets, places of life with excellence and interact with the local: one thing is certain, Cameroon has not finished we uncover its secrets ... The Cameroon Cameroon in West Africa is bordered by Nigeria to the west, Chad to the northeast, the Central African Republic to the east and Gabon and Republic of Congo to the south. Cameroon is certainly one of the most interesting to visit African countries, dubbed "Africa in miniature because the population there speaks English and French equal proportion and she is both Muslim and Christian. The scenery is also very varied. high mountains, tropical forests, desert plains, etc ... also the climate varies very dramatically between tropical areas along the coast and the arid areas in the north in the mountains can be very cold, especially at night . Things to see and do, Cameroon Cameroon is often

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