The north of France is a little place known for its tourist cities and yet there is no shortage of beauty. The northern beaches still have a very mysterious Celtic charm. Calvados is a department in the Basse-Normandie region. Norman Plain Caen via the Pays d'Auge Calvados owes its beauty to its wild nature that attracts more and more visitors looking for authentic. Things to see and do in Calvados: Before visiting the Calvados, we must plan its circuit to make the most. Several places and monuments are interesting to see, such as: - The Caen Memorial: established for peace in the world, this museum contains traces of the biggest events of the Twentieth century. A multitude of exhibitions not to show not the difficult years between 1918 and 1945 by which passed the world: genocide, landing and liberation. Lovers of history of the twentieth century you will find your happiness. It takes twenty euros per full rate, though, there are many fares for large families and even plans for a tour and lunch included. - Deauville: a visit to Deauville is necessary if you are in Calvados. Here everything is fine and refined buildings, the architecture of the city itself and even the festivities. Try to synchronize your way to Deauville with the US film festival and witness the glamor of Deauville. - The gardens of Plantbessin: if you find yourself on the side of Castillon, do not miss the opportunity and visit the gardens of Plantbessin. A set of

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