the most famous state of the American West, California has a vast territory, from north to south, is undergoing significant climate variations, and by the same token, deploys a range of startling landscapes. A territory that the man took advantage: the Golden State, rich, displays a boundless dynamism, like its big cities, Los Angeles or San Francisco, always culturally advanced. the American dream still has a bright future ahead of him. The California coastline is of course the reputation of this state: it is here that we find the main cities, the gigantic Los Angeles (with its famous beaches Venice Beach) to the fantastic San Francisco (Golden Gate and the inevitable ), the advanced technologies of Silicon Valley, the film industry and Hollywood stars. Wilder corners, as in Big Sur, have a wooded coast abruptly plunges into the sea. Inland, we alternate between the wine valleys, whose productions are gaining reputation, natural parks alpine paces (Yosemite park) and the driest deserts in the San Diego area to the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada. In terms of morals and politics, Californians are deemed more liberal than other Americans and more open to alternative lifestyles: another dimension to discover. Road trip in California: the unavoidable The great American West attracts you, let yourself be tempted by national parks and vast beaches of California. You easily find organized trips in California, mainly findings more or less complete circuits. On the coast, you can not miss out on Los Angeles and San Francisco, both cities require a little time to shop around. You can also go down to Mexico along the coast to San Diego. In land do not miss the National Park and the Yosemite

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