Calas de Mallorca

Calas de Mallorca, a seaside resort in Mallorca Calas de Mallorca: if you were wondering still the result of mass tourism galloping on a beautiful coastal region, now you are set! As a seaside resort Calas de Mallorca has nothing original: the whole arsenal of leisure activities and water sports are with go, small beaches are crowded in season, restaurants and bars provide the entertainment at evening ... Calas de Mallorca and displays exactly a building decorated bars and hotels 70's, which is not happier on a rugged coastline of cliffs yet gorgeous! Things to see and do in Calas de Mallorca Beach, sun, relaxing or sport, golf, restaurant, pool and hotel: stay in the seaside resort par excellence. The remarkable sites abound as soon as one leaves the station: sea excursions along the coast, the interior of the island ... by car, bicycle, on foot, depending on the preferences! Or sleep ? Some great resorts and modern appearance of homes but sometimes a little tatty, beware before booking. The resort is not very large, the situation has not much importance. Many holiday rentals. Climate and seasons Calas de Mallorca is located on the east coast of Majorca, in the Balearic translation, it's nice and warm from May to October! The tourist season extends from July to August, high traffic period in the station: the atmosphere in full swing. A calmer atmosphere awaits you in the spring and during the autumn season. In winter the climate is mild. Useful links Website of the tourist office Balearic website of the Spanish Tourist Board see and do: Calas de Mallorca and sit