Located at the bottom of the bay to the south of Sardinia, Cagliari's origins are ancient, since it lends its foundation to Phoenician sailors. Remains were discovered, showing that distant Punic era. From his position in the heart of the Mediterranean world, Cagliari inherited a turbulent history during which successive influences, witnessed many historical monuments and archaeological sites. Added to this is the intensity of the life of this port city, both diurnal than nocturnal: it takes full advantage of the warm climate and the Mediterranean atmosphere, before exploring the beauties of the island of Sardinia. Discover Cagliari The capital of Sardinia is located amidst the beautiful Gulf of Angels. Built on hills and surrounded by ponds, Cagliari is rich in natural beauty but also artistic heritage. Its foundation dates back to Phoenician times. Here are some tips on places not to be missed, knowing that the first thing to do is to Cagliari go to the beach and enjoy the crystal clear sea! Cagliari Cathedral Duomo is located in the old Castello district. It has a mixture of styles interesting. The area, very picturesque, was founded by the Pisani in the thirteenth century on the top of a limestone hill. Museo Archeologico e Anfiteatro Romano The museum houses many pieces ranging from prehistoric to Roman times. The Roman Amphitheatre dates back to the second century. Torre San