Nicknamed the city of Hundred Steeples, Caen harmoniously based in north-west France offering its inhabitants and visitors a love of life and a peaceful setting. Caen is the perfect city for lovers of historical monuments. A cultural trip can not be missed when visiting Caen. Things to see and do in Caen Caen offers lovers of historical monuments a series of must-visits. All the stones upon which the city breathes history. Do not forget to book a half-day at least to visit the majestic castle Duke William. Considered one of the biggest fortified buildings of Europe, this castle is so old that it seems that he witnessed the creation of humanity itself. Reinforced structure and its medieval architecture gives it an impenetrable appearance. Lose yourself between the walls of this large stone structure and dive into a world of the past evoking the war of 100 years and the revolution. The castle tour is paid, there must be between 5 and 10 € per person and especially choose a relatively good weather to be able to enjoy it. Sometimes the town of Caen organizes guided tours in the castle. The streets of the Cité Ducale evoke the glory period and the heyday of Caen. The Saint stone street tomb of Duke, admire the works of the time and history, full of glory unfolds before your eyes. Let yourself be tempted by a visit to the home of Queen Matilda. The guardian of the place will take care of you as you enter, you are revealing the most secret corners of this huge castle long inhabited by a royal line that left his footprints on the page of the history of France. the visit