Burundi is a small African state, bordering the DRC, Rwanda and Tanzania, only tourist countries of the lot ... We are in the Great Lakes region, known for its reliefs (highest point 2670 meters) savannas and iconic wildlife that goes with it. Because of conflicts that bloodied the region, Burundi is largely stayed on the sidelines of major African tourist routes, but the country does not mean inaccessible. Things to see and do: Burundi of the must Burundi is attractive primarily for its beautiful natural areas: the country has developed a number of national parks and nature reserves to preserve the fauna and flora. The observation of wild animals and remains the favorite activity of tourists in Burundi. Lake Tanganyika, one of the largest in the world, is a must, easily accessible from the capital, Bujumbura. A climate equatorial climate, which knows so little variation in temperatures during the year: heat and humidity of the game, but nothing stuffy thanks to the Burundi altitudes. The rainy season occurs between February-May and September-November. Travel advice: Always remember to perform the required vaccinations before leaving for Burundi. Check before leaving the safety tips updated on the website of http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/fr/conseils-aux-voyageurs/ Foreign Ministry. Identity Population: about 9 million Language: Kirundi and French Currency: Burundi franc Visa: mandatory and paid, it is issued by the Embassy of Burundi before departure. A passport valid for six months after the travel is required. Useful links Site of http: //www.burun