Bulgaria is the country lost in the depths of the Balkans, which remains relatively unknown in terms of tourism. Yet further that this destination is accessible to all budgets, Bulgaria brings together a mix of mountains and beaches, historic cities and natural heritage, a tinted Slavic culture of the first light of the Orient ... Must Bulgaria the Bulgarian capital Sofia https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/sofia, for its atmosphere very special, museums, historical monuments. The coastline of the Black Sea, the most tourist area of ??the country: festive resorts (eg https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/varna-66 Varna), beautiful beaches (including over-crowded Sunny Beach .. !). https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/plovdiv-96 Plovdiv, pretty town of heritage in the heart of the country. Exploration of the Bulgarian mountains: beautiful rides in perspective, skiing in winter. Bulgarian summer climate, the weather is set fair, heat and sun are provided on the shores of the Black Sea in particular. Perfect for a beach holiday! May, June and September are the best months. Winters can be harsh: the massif Vitosha surrounding Sofia is covered with snow. Accommodation and Food Good news for the budget, Bulgaria remains a cheap destination, at least if one keeps away from high end establishments in Sofia. Pensions, hostels and hotels offer all in all a very good value, with reasonable comfort. It does not hesitate to eat at the restaurant, the prices are affordable. Identity Population: about 7.3 million Currency: Lev Language: Bulgarian (note Cyrillic) Visa: an identity card is from France. Provide a passport to enter in several neighboring countries (Serbia, Turkey ...). <

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