Capital of Romania, a university city, Bucharest is a destination where life unfolds at once cultural, student, night and economic. The neighborhoods with quiet streets lined with trees and palaces have earned Bucharest the nickname Little Paris in the 30s Its cultural, architectural and communist style, beautiful lakes are as many attractions that will impress you during your stay. The discovery of Bucharest Bucharest evocation is hopelessly thinking about the disproportionate architecture inherited from the Ceausescu dictatorship, the Parliament Palace perfect example: its outsized make it visible from the moon! The capital of Romania, whose population exceeds two million inhabitants, is sometimes nicknamed the 'little Paris': grand boulevard modeled on the Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, https://www.cityzeum.com / lathenee-Romanian-12748 Romanian Athenaeum, the monumental heritage is also impressive that it is generally modern. Some palaces and small churches still remain as a witness of a distant past of Bucharest, which is easily discovered through the many museums of the capital. A rich and full cultural tour of contrasts, Bucharest remains a European destination not to be overlooked. Old and new Bucharest http: //www.rom