Everything west of the west of France hides Brest city opening onto the Atlantic Ocean and devoting most of its activities at sea. Despite its austere air, inherited the bombings of the Second World War, that which is nicknamed the ocean metropolis is a city alive and well and extremely dynamic. Walk along the street of Siam to Recouvrance and linger on the way to discover the Brest arsenal. The marina, the commercial port, the Naval Base and the Naval Museum will allow you to immerse yourself in the maritime history of the city. And if the ocean fascinates you, go to Océanopolis to admire its 10,000 marine animals. In summer, it is still to the sea as the city turns to organize various concerts and entertainment for Thursdays port. And every four years, one of the most impressive global nautical gatherings held there: the assembled fleet is phenomenal, quality concerts and numerous activities, day and night.