Former Gallic capital bituriges, Bourges is a city with a rich cultural heritage like St. Stephen's Cathedral. In spring Bourge full of artistic activities for the enjoyment of all visitors. The Festival of contemporary music, from 1977, every year for 5 days thousands of people from all over the world to enjoy the original creations of 40 artists performing over twenty concerts, various musical styles. Between Yves Montand, Francis Cabrel, Serge Gainsbourg, Indochina, Manu Chao, and many others, you will vibrate until sunset. Poetry will not be outdone, since the city is also home to the creators of national and international, came recite their works in every street corner, in the spring of poets. The whole city is animated, art is honored at the heart of the Village between tulips and primroses. And take the time to visit the Garden of the Archdiocese, concealing a flamboyant nature and the Meadows Fichaux with beautiful roses framing sculptures and fountains while enjoying Forestines filled praline. Your taste buds will be equally delighted by Monin syrups, Crottins Chavignol which despite their name are properly delicious and different specialties of local restaurants. More: http: //