BiH, like its capital Sarajevo remains largely rooted in our performances as a country ravaged by war and torn by its ethnic and religious strife . Only time has passed since the last conflict of the 1990s and Bosnia today has a different face, still as multicultural, but the main tensions have disappeared. Then we rediscover a beautiful country with ancient history and tumultuous heritage has left testimonies throughout the country. Large natural areas remain totally off the tourist beaten track, which begins to be rare in Europe! Sarajevo, almost choke point (and much better), is emblematic of the true renewal, which succeed the marks of a sometimes painful past and a future full of promise. The main cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Among the cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, here are the 10 most interesting to visit: - Sarajevo, first capital, a cosmopolitan city with European and Eastern influences. -Banja Luka - the second largest city with some historical attractions and nightlife. -Bihac - A city on the Croatian border, surrounded by majestic nature. -Teslic - A Spa Resort features the largest tourist capacity in Bosnia. -Fojnica - Near the Franciscan monastery, the heart of Bosnian Catholicism. -Medjugorje - City of the interior surrounded by mountains, perhaps best known because of decla

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