Bordeaux is sometimes called "Pearl of Aquitaine", in reference to his beautiful historic city center and its monuments. Part of the city, the Port of the Moon, was declared World Heritage by UNESCO for urban exceptional group he represents. The city is also known worldwide for its vineyards: the stay would not be complete without tasting a good vintage of Bordeaux or a trip to the Bordeaux region. Bordeaux has a multitude of museums, witnesses of its rich culture: Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Aquitaine, Museum of Decorative Arts, National Customs Museum, Museum of Ethnography of Bordeaux 2, Chartrons museum, and many others. Meanwhile, the religious monuments are also many: St. Andrew's Cathedral, the Church of St. Paul, St. Seurin Basilica, and Holy Cross Abbey, among others. Taking the pulse of Bordeaux in the heart of the city center, next to the Victory Square, St. Catherine Street, Place Gambetta, Place des Quinconces! Climb the 243 steps of the tower of St. Michel, and enjoy the panoramic view of Bordeaux. for leisure, the ride on the Garonne is a must, by bike, or by boat. Otherwise, Bordeaux is no shortage of cinemas, theaters and halls show Not forgetting of course, the best wine cellars and wine bars Directions:.. the historic monuments of Bordeaux: Bordeaux is waiting to discover its exceptional architectural heritage, part of which is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, museums, gastronomy and wines. Start your tour by the old city of Bordeaux along the Garonne. the old city walls now correspond to over Verdun, Clemenceau courses, Albret, Aristide Briand and during the course the Marne. The Port of the Moon is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Do not miss the great theater on the Place de la Comédie. In the Saint-Pierre district, visit the Square