The geographical position of Bolivia, arranged between the heights of the Andes and large Amazonian plains, offers landscape types for less contrasted: the east is covered with thick forest that sometimes nicknamed 'Green Hell'! Some agricultural plains above the foothills of the Andes, and there the altitudes increasing rapidly, easily exceeding 6000 meters to the highest peaks. Between two mountain ranges that divide the country in a north-south axis, the Altiplano, the second world's highest plateau, home to a large part of the population; this area was inhabited by the Incas and many other ethnic groups before the arrival of Spanish settlers. Place of settlement, we find the capital La Paz, but also landscape shows unusual lunar ranging from Salar de Uyuni brightly shores of Lake Titicaca, in the Peruvian border. Bolivia practice broadly International flights to Bolivia arise in La Paz, the capital, or Santa Cruz. From these two cities, it starts again in a circuit across the country. To move several solutions: rent a car represents a significant and for some Bolivian tracks budget, you better be an experienced driver ... this is not always the best choice. The whole country is covered by numerous bus lines, not very fast but certainly very cheap, and downright '' typical ''! Some railway lines serve Bolivia, friendly means of transport, with different available during classes