For holidays under the sign of the beach, bathes and sunbathing, Bodrum is an excellent choice. This famous southwestern resort of Turkey has become in recent years one of the most popular destinations in the country, it is mostly frequented by the bourgeoisie Istanbuliote. Its population is officially 80 000, increased sevenfold in the summer, is to tell you the tourist attraction of the destination. If this tempts you, we set sail from Bodrum. See and do in Bodrum: The main motivations of tourists who choose to Bodrum holiday destination are its beaches that are ranked among the finest in the country. All around the city, there are also many beautiful beaches as each other including: - Gumbert: This beach is located 3 km from Bodrum. Its calm waters are suitable for windsurfing. - Bitez it is 7km from Bodrum. Renowned for its warm and calm waters are ideal for swimming family. - Ortakent is 13 km from Bodrum. If you like quiet places with very unusual ambiance you like to Ortakent. Even if you plan to visit in Bodrum essentially for these ranges, consider making room for culture, you will not regret it. Indeed this ancient Greek city is home to many attractions that are worth visiting such as: - The Saint-Pierre castle: it was designed by architect Heinrich Schlegelholt in 1402. The workers who participated in its construction have been promised by papal decree of a place in heaven. By visiting the Saint-Pierre castle you will not fail to notice its five towers: the highest French Tour to 47.5 m is the highest, the Italian Tour, the Spanish Tour, the British and German Tour Tour. Cat