Recently, the Burmese military junta has loosened its grip on political life in Burma, after long years of ruthless dictatorship. Good news, which can only encourage travelers to leave for this country finally little known, partly because of his long retreat into himself. Moreover, tourists returning from Burma are unanimous: the country boasts many riches! Discover Burma Burma remains a rather mysterious country because of a long closure vis-à-vis the outside world. Since the early 90s the country when the country was renamed Myanmar, openness to foreign capital and tourists started to do. Between landscapes and rich culture to discover, Burma is a destination that thrills even if one should keep in mind the extremely tense political situation. Most Western governments have called on tourists not to visit Burma, not to give money to the military junta. On the other hand, other defenders of democracy like the vast majority of Burmese promote responsible tourism as a means to support local interests. In addition, many believe that the presence of foreign tourists deters the government to go even further repression. The choice is yours. Things to see and do in Burma HORMI these political considerations, Burma is a beautiful country with a culture influenced by the Indians on one side and Chinese on the other, as evidenced by the name

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