Région de Beyrouth

Lebanese capital and its largest city, Beirut is a financial center, a commercial port and cultural center of major importance to the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. At the crossroads of the East and the West, the location of the country gives it a strategic position in world trade but also in culture, very mixed. Retaining fingerprints and memories of many civilizations that it was born, Beirut was able to still dress in many modernity making this city the center of a real cultural ferment. Often compared to places like New York or Ibiza, for its festive atmosphere and its social and worldly scene, Beirut expresses an incredible thirst for life, present anywhere else. The city has a vibrant nightlife: Discos, nightclubs and pubs in the neighborhoods Monot, Verdun, Hamra, Gemmayzé, on the ledges of the seafront and in the town center invite visitors to sleepless nights. Do not miss a tour of the town: - A walk in the shopping district of Hamra and the area of ??the AUB American University nearby; - A visit to the Beirut National Museum and the Museum of Lebanese Prehistory; - A walk on the corniche Raouche with the famous cave pigeon; - A tour to the art galleries: Espace Design Espace SD, Laboratory & hellip; - A tour in Monot area for the evening: many bars, restaurants and nightclubs. tourism sites and attractions Beirut Beirut is a major city of Lebanon, it is even the capital. It is ideally