Berlin remains without doubt one of the liveliest capitals of Europe! It is first one of the major places of contemporary history, with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, which is still not so far away. The difference is still noticeable between West Berlin and its great commercial arteries and East Berlin and Soviet architectural remains, with the emergence of new neighborhoods such as Potsdamer Platz in the center. Many museums and many monuments to visit: Checkpoint Charlie Museum, the Jewish Museum, the Brandenburg Gate, the Charlottenburg Palace and the Reichstag. Several neighborhoods are experiencing a particularly lively activity late into the night, as Berlin seems to know schedules. It also benefits from its large parks, in which we dwell on the lounger a beer garden to find the flavor of German beer. In short, Berlin promises a visit multifaceted. Berlin, one of the hippest cities in Europe Berlin is a city known for its nightlife, architecture, history and museums. Most tourists come out in clubs, going to the opera, museums, theaters and galleries. Berlin is also a city that attracts and inspires artists: squats are numerous and inventive. The summer is still one of the best times to travel to Berlin, during which a multitude of cultural events are organized. However, no matter the time of year, Berlin always something to attract and entertain tourists. In addition, the city is easily accessible as from France, which can be reached by plane or train in a half-day trip from Paris. The bus is also an alternative, but the journey is long enough and is not suitable for everyone. Berlin is a city where life is good. By day you can rest and relax in its many parks and gardens. In the evening, you can program an output in the bars and the trendiest clubs are located in the district of Mitte, Scheunenviertel or Kreuzberg. Cultural tourism enthusiasts may enjoy a visit at their leisure the best museums such as the Gem & auml; ldegalerie which is the equivalent of the Louvre, the Pergamon Museum, Checkpoint Charlie and the Wall Museum or the J & uuml; disches Museum. Theaters and Staatsoper Unter den Linden galleries and operas as the Philharmonie are also places not to be missed. Before your departure, you can browse the shops of Mitte and Kreuzberg district to buy souvenirs. Berlin, the inevitable If you are in a hurry, here's a selection of sights not to be missed in Berlin: The Berlin Wall: the & laquo; wall of shame & raquo; is the first attraction to discover Berlin. This famous wall that has done so much about him, especially when he was on foot, and that it divided the city in two, and that, until its fall on 9 November 1989. Today, there is not much wall except a small piece 1.3km called East Side Gallery. This little wall is located on M & uuml; hlenstra szlig & e in the district of Friedrichshain. It is beautifully decorated with 106 paintings. The most famous of all is the "kiss of friendship" of Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker. The museum island: it is a question of the northern part of the island of the Spree. This small island is so named because of the number of museums that it is home: Bode Museum (museum of Byzantine art), the Pergamon Museum (arch museum

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