In the English Channel, across the English coast on the French coast, Berck sur Mer is a popular resort summer tourists coming to enjoy its beaches, the charm of its waterfront and its fresh sea air. The 15,000 inhabitants of the city are then joined by thousands of vacationers from northern France and of Europe. Besides its famous casino and beautiful scenery, many cultural and sporting events brighten the long days in the spring and summer. To see and do in Berck sur Mer: The main attraction of Berck sur Mer is definitely a casino with its facade facing the sea The friendly atmosphere and casual games offer entertainment possibilities to tourists with sensations. strong guarantees despite its relatively small size. In the city, the heritage that constantly reminds Berck sur Mer maintains a symbiotic link with the sea, including marine museum and its collections and the Lighthouse Home. The beach is also pervasive in this resort on the Opal Coast. If hardier bathe happy about is the sand that Berckois and vacationers love to meet and indulge in their favorite pastimes. Indeed, the city is known to be a paradise of kite and especially sailing, including Berck sur Mer is the same hometown. With its kilometers of sand, these machines can scurry enjoying the sea breeze of the English Channel. Finally, the region is ideal for the practice of hiking and riding, whether on the beach or even going back Authie, whose estuary provides great wealth of biodiversity including the mascot of the city : calf marine. Main events: Berck sur Mer is And Steady