Beni Mellal

Beni Mellal has initially no major interest to tourists, except the passionate Morocco, which will look at some heritage elements of the city. But Beni Mellal is strategically located on the great tourist axis Fez - Marrakech, but also near the Atlas mountains and national parks. Tourists and trekkers therefore call regularly by Beni Mellal, never spend all their holidays. Must Beni Mellal The city has some good historical monuments, but on the visit plan, interest is limited. Beni Mellal is a big city, but not a major tourist destination. Everything changes however when one ventures into the area, in the beautiful Atlas mountain scenery. Beni Mellal then a good step before embarking on a memorable trek. Or sleep ? Stage town, Beni Mellal has a substantial offer of accommodation compared to its tourist appeal. Various categories of hotels are present in both the center and in the surrounding area. Travel advice Beni Mellal is well connected to major cities of the Kingdom, with daily connections by bus: Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Fez, Ouarzazate, Marrakesh ... You will find there many renters to purchase a vehicle. Identity Population: 620000 inhabitants about Useful links Official site of the tourist of Morocco tourism sites and attractions Beni Mellal Beni Mellal is a city located in the heart of Morocco between the Tadla plain and the Middle Atlas. It has a continental climate. It enjoys a pleasant landscape at the foot of Mont Blanc Tassemit, crossing