Belle Ile en Mer

Belle Island Sea is one of the finest Breton islands, waving between the faults and the moors, is happy to see you stay in one of its majestic hotels or one of its historic guesthouses. Marvel at the sublime landscape of this exceptional nature, in the heart of the vast fields remain quietly where the eight windmills of the area, before exploring the famous secrets of the cave Apothecary. Explore the narrow streets of the island and discover all the historical monuments in Brittany. Back to your cruise discovery of one of the neighboring islands, ask yourself the sandy dunes to think about your next distraction between a refreshing swim in the turquoise waters, a good tan under the gentle sun or diving the heart of the wide Atlantic. Before heading to your hotel, stop by one of the prestigious restaurants of this paradise and enjoy its pleasures sailors or even a traditional gourmet dish more delicious. More on: