In a few years, Belfast was a real tourist boom. For years, the capital of Northern Ireland was mostly about her for clashes between Protestant unionists and Catholic republicans ... time trouble belongs to the past, and since forging Belfast, dynamic city, has built a solid cultural destination reputation, active, and modern. Capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast has especially made about her in recent years to the conflict between Catholic and Protestant populations of the city, marked by numerous violent confrontations: a civil war between républiquains, led by IRA and support the unification of Ireland, and unionists, partisans of the UK. Disorders that have largely disabled Belfast on the tourist map, but since the peace process is on, it knows a phenomenal success! A trip to Belfast Belfast now knows more peaceful days, even if latent tensions remain: not enough to worry the tourists. Certainly the city is not the preferred destination of Ireland and Dublin, on the other side of the border, it is often preferred. Belfast was a mainly industrial development, which has not necessarily contributed to the beauty of the site; the center has nevertheless benefited from major development programs, it is full of shops, boutiques and restaurants, while the entertainment continues at night in the p