Bayeux and its tapestry small town in Normandy that could have outdone among the many attractions of the region, Bayeux acts as must for lovers of art and history: the city has indeed a priceless treasure, the famous tapestry of Queen Mathilde (more commonly known as '' Bayeux tapestry '' ...), which traces the invasion of England by the Normans in 1066, under the leadership of William the Conqueror! Things to see and do in Bayeux: the must One step at Bayeux is required to visit the center William the Conqueror; it is here that the exposed tapestry Bayeux: some spend the day to read this exciting story! This exceptional piece still face the world heritage of UNESCO ... A tower in the center of Bayeux can appreciate the pleasant atmosphere, to look into the medieval architecture and find some interesting historical monuments . Do not forget the nearby Bayeux, country side and sea side, including the circuit of the D-Day beaches near the city. Or sleep ? If you want to overnight stop in Bayeux, you have the choice between the small two-three star city center, functional hotel without charm in the periphery, but also some charming places (hotels, guest houses ) are close. Some rentals are all set to stay longer. Bessin Specialty Inside market days on the stalls, local produce Bessin, country of Bayeux pig, cheese, earthlings products alongside seafood but also cider, calvados in short, good Norman pulpit! Identity Population: 14000 inhabitants Department