Bavaria is a tourist destination par excellence. Located in Germany, this area is a little gem of a find time for a weekend or a longer stay. It is a region that offers both beautiful natural surroundings, a real mix of greenery and dizzying heights: the followers of slips will love! But Bayern, it's also a rich history that it has preserved over time. Moreover, its people will love you receive. Tourism in Bavaria beyond the clichés Bavaria is very often associated with beer or a pastry, which is not wrong, but it does not summarize the attractions of this land. Indeed, between picturesque landscapes towards the German Alpine Road, the masterpieces of baroque architectural work, cultural and artistic treasures or the Bavarian gastronomy, Bavaria has something to fascinate. Its capital, Munich combines old-world charm of traditional houses and modern infrastructure and buildings with contemporary design. Munich, capital of Bavaria, is a must for your vacation in the land with his famous course Okteberfest but also museums (art, history, technology & hellip;) and monuments like the castle Nymphenburg. In large cities, accommodation is of superior quality, but we must recognize that the price is quite high. Be that as it may, promotional offers help finding a cheap holiday in Bavaria. By

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