This year, Corsica and more precisely Bastia? Here's an excellent choice. This pretty town in the Upper Corsica has so much to offer beginning with its beautiful beaches and landscapes. Things to see and do in Bastia: The thousands of tourists who choose Bastia as a holiday destination are primarily attracted by its beaches, classified among the most beautiful of the island of beauty. Between sandy beaches and pebble beaches we enjoy in Bastia. The most beautiful are: - Range Grigione: pebble beach located 2 km north of Bastia. - Beach of Miomo: pebble beach situated 4 km north of Bastia. - Beach Lavasina: pebble beach located 5 km north of downtown. - Beach of Arinella: sandy beach which is south of downtown. It is perfect for water sports. - San Nicolas Beach: authorized nudist beach, located 40 km south of Bastia. Even if you plan to go to Bastia mainly to enjoy the beach, remember to spend some time to culture, it is really worth. Classified city of art and history Bastia boasts numerous sites, monuments and museums, including: - The Palace of the Governors: this former palace houses the Municipal Museum of Bastia. After a visit inside the palace and discover the collections it houses, be sure to take a walk in a lovely garden. - The old port if there is one place not to be missed during your stay in Bastia it will undoubtedly be the old port . A senior lively place to live day and night, there are many bars and restaurants.