An island that stands a little apart from the arc in the Caribbean, Barbados is not a destination well known in France. Small flat island, it is not volcanic unlike its neighbors in the Caribbean Sea. Things to see and do, the inevitable There are lots of things to do for such a small island discover the capital, Bridgetown, museums and iconic landmarks, browse the historical sites of Barbados, visit the sugar cane plantations and their beautiful colonial villas, descend into caves ... and of course beaches! white sand, warm water, tropical decor, a true paradise. Kitchen, culinary specialties The kitchen of Barbados includes specialties of the islands, with many dishes based on fish, spicy sauce or grilled, but also British influences intermingled. A drink a lot of beer, but also and especially rum! Accommodation in Barbados all depends on the mood you are looking for, but also your budget small hotels and large arch-tourist resorts, affordable pensions or furnished rentals for an extended stay. Overall, prices are high. History and culture Barbados was long under the umbrella of the British Empire; the island gained its independence in 1966, but still belongs to Commonwelth. Climate The peak tourist season is from December to May; ideal temperatures, mainly dry. Precipitation is more important the rest of the year, but shall not prevent enjoy the beach! Identity Population: 280 000 inhabitants Language: English is the official language, '' Bajan '', a Creole, the popular language daily Currency: Barbadian dollar Entry requirements: valid passport for a stay of less one month return ticket useful links Official Site of office Barbados tourism