Bangkok is often the first step of a trip to Thailand: overweening city, a showcase of modern country, hyper-active, exotic and exciting, but also polluted with chaotic traffic. The qualifiers do not fail to describe such agglomeration! Many do linger in Bangkok two days to run as fast as quickly as possible in the south, find beaches, islands and resorts. Yet for fans of intense urban life, the Thai capital has an interest limitless and easily staying there a week without ever managing to 'shop around' '. Bangkok, by its disproportionate superfice, is among the largest cities in the world. The Chao Phyra the splits in two, you have one side of the bank of the traditional party that is called the "Venice of Asia", and the other the modern part that houses the main tourist attractions, the business districts, hotels, restaurants and all the nightlife. Most attractions in Bangkok have focused on Rattanakosin Island, often called the "Old Town". In addition to the Royal Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun, Rattanakosin includes hundreds of temples. The Royal Palace is huge, count half a day to visit. Nearby is Wat Pho, which houses the largest reclining Buddha in the world and a famous massage school. Finally, do not forget to visit the unique Wat Arun, one of the most picturesque temples in Thailand. Other major temples are Wat Suthat and Wat Ratchanadda. Must Bangkok & bull; Wat Pho: it is the most famous Buddhist temple, one of the oldest and largest in Bangkok. Its area is estimated at 8 hectares. Inside the temple much to discover, but if it is one thing not to be missed that is the reclining Buddha. It is a question of a gigantic statue of 15 meters high and 45 meters long. & Bull; The Royal Palace: monument dating from 1782, it was erected on the orders of King Rama 1. The palace is home to many attractions including the throne room, the upper terrace, offices and