Baie Along

Halong Bay which is also written Ha Long Bay is located in Vietnam and specifically in the Gulf of Bac Bo This is a vast streams of more than 1500 kmĀ² strewn 1969 islands. It is here that we find the most beautiful landscapes of Vietnam, besides it is not by chance that the site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are looking for breathtaking scenery of Halong Bay is for you. Things to see and do in Halong Bay: Everything is to see Halong Bay. Whether sea side or land side, the bay offers visitors a thousand and one discoveries whose essential are: - Cat Ba National Park: this park is on the Cat Ba archipelago, the largest island in Halong Bay. It houses about sixty species of birds, twenty species of reptiles and not less than twenty hoping mammals. Vegetation side is not less than 745 species of plants. Many excursions are organized including by hotels, or you can get there alone. Three ferries to the island from the port in Binh Hainphnong. camping enthusiast know that you can spend the night in Cat Ba National Park. If you're not camping, Park Guesthouse rents beds per night. It is best not to go to Cat Ba National Park from July to October (rainy season). - Cruise on Halong Bay: If you want to fully enjoy the beauty of the bay go for a fishing trip, the scenery is breathtaking. Many cruises are organized by hotels and travel agencies. If you want to prolong the pleasure you can rent a boat and discover Halong Bay at your leisure. -