The evocation of the Bahamas smelling the Caribbean sun and beautiful beaches. In total, the archipelago comprises 700 islands, of which a large majority of uninhabited islets. Located less than 100 km from Florida, it's a popular destination for American tourists account for 80% of visitors. Bahamas The Bahamas archipelago extends over 800 km in length north of the Caribbean between Cuba and south Florida to the northwest. 700 often uninhabited islands and islets make up the archipelago: a large part of the 300,000 Bahamians live on the island of New Providence, which is located on the capital Nassau Paradise Island ,, neighboring evocative name. The economy of the country, in addition to serving as a tax haven, s' based mainly on tourism: Allied tropical latitudes to the passage of the Gulf Stream, a warm current of the North Atlantic, make it a popular destination especially American tourists up the vast majority of visitors to the country. to see and do in the Bahamas The Bahamas are popular for their mild climate, their sandy beaches and especially their many marine and terrestrial parks offering an unforgettable experience thanks to exceptional biodiversity. Andros, archipelago of three of the largest islands of the country, home to the world's third largest coral barrier with its 225 km. There is also a high concentration of blue holes, underwater caves very popular with diving enthusiasts. AC