In the heart of the region of Castilla y León, in central Spain, Avila is a former édiévae city: the image of France in Carcassonne, the old city of Avila is always surrounded by an impressive http: / /www.cityzeum.com/les-murailles-d-avila rampart, in perfect condition. Strategically located, the city of Avila was the stake of many battles between Moors and Spaniards for its control, which Spain eventually keep following the Reconquista. The heritage of Avila does not stop with its Romanesque wall, and the city has other remarkable monuments, which earned him a ranking of the heritage of humanity by UNESCO: http: //www.cityzeum. com / basilica-san-vicente-a-avila basilica San Vincente, https://www.cityzeum.com/cathedrale-d-avila the Gothic cathedral, the https://www.cityzeum.com/monastere-royal-santo -tomas-a-avila monastery Santo Tomas ... many monumental treasures that will delight all lovers of medieval architecture.