Among the most beautiful to see in Central European countries: Austria. This small country is surrounded by highly developed countries majority and do no access to the sea. Austria has certainly been a very eventful past, but it allowed him to establish its legitimacy over the years. History, traditions, Austria since the Roman empire, Vienna has always been the capital of Austria. Crossroads of communication and very important city from a political point of view, it is the headquarters of several agencies of the United Nations. Known for its beautiful river: the Danube, the city is located on the right bank of the course of gigantic, magical water. Since the eighteenth century, Vienna's city model culturally at Europe. Both global center and a center for classical music, Vienna is also the city of the great composer Mozart Amaedus. Things to see and do in Vienna The Austrian great monuments and historic sites are for the most impressive buildings made of churches, museums, castles, palaces ..; When one is visiting Austria, think to visit the chapel of the Madeleine, the Musée Acadien, the national Library of Austria, the Augustinian church, Castle of Anif, the tower of St. Cassian, the Abbey of the star, but there are also : the museum of Fine Arts in Vienna: This building of neo renaissance architecture was built in 1891. It contains two sections: the Egyptian section .. and east, and the antique section bathrooms Egyptian and eastern section are divided by theme Describing various rituals of the pharaohs, this section takes you into the mythical room with a collection of & lsquo; art object breathtaking La. antique section has a large collection from the Greek empires, Roman and Etruscan. The set is very rich in remarkable treasure to the delight of all lovers of antiquity. The Leopold Museum in Vienna: This museum is easily recognizable thanks to its special architecture: a gig

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