This small region of northern Spain is far from knowing the same renowned tourist the Costa Brava or Costa del Sol, and the pleasures there are indeed any other ... Here, some resorts punctuate a rocky coastline and spectacular in places, each time a beautiful sandy beach appeared ... inland, no doubt: we are in this region known as 'green Spain', with rolling countryside, rich terroir, an entrenched historical heritage and the Cantabrian Mountains that surround the south ... the best of the region's coastline, beaches and some resorts: Llanes, http : // Gij & oacute; n, Ribadesella ... The capital Oviedo, known for its exceptional historical heritage, much of which classified by Unesco, and museum of Fine Arts. The reserve of Picos (Picos de Europa), southeast of the region, is spread over the mountain peaks of the Cantabrian Mountains. culinary and gastronomy flavors of the sea regularly cross products of rural land in Asturias, where the best effect on restaurant menus! Fish and seafood are therefore the party, along with cooked egg b moult ways, the tastier cheese, and a typical regional dish, the fabada, made with beans and knowing multiple variants ... Drink , cider ! The region is also known for its cider: