Discover Asia that is just going to meet what nature has done more beautiful, incredible natural wealth that makes it a paradise! Its terrain is home to the highest peak of the world Mount Everest, which rises to 8848 meters but also very low points as the level of the Dead Sea with 400 m below the sea level. Everyone will find his account. Traveling in Asia offers a wealth of treasures. Ruins, landscapes and especially a modernity to gawk. From country to country, it is the centuries we are going through, going from an ancestral Asian futuristic Asia & hellip; Good journey through the corridors of time! Discover Asia Asia is the largest of all continents with nearly 9% of the total area and also the most populous with 3.5 billion people (60% of the world population!) Of which 2 billion under 20 years. The many entities that make up Asia are so varied natures it may seem absurd to group them all under the same name! Indeed, what is common between the vast frozen wastes of Siberia, tropical beaches of Thailand, the empty steppes of Kazakhstan, or inordinate cities in Japan? Generally, four climate zones are isolated in Asia: The Monsoon Asia (Asia in the East + South Asia), Asia mountains (Asia + Himalaya center), the so-called Asian "cold" (near Arctic tundra vegetation type and

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