A small state in the Caucasus, without access to the sea, ancient margin of the Soviet Union, Armenia is largely neglected by tourist routes, but always more open to travelers. The reasons for wanting to discover Armenia are multiple: fantastic scenery of mountains and highlands, a historic heritage dating back to antiquity, a unique culture found its roots in the adoption of Christianity in the fourth century ..! Things to see and do in Armenia The trip usually starts with Yerevan, which we quickly made the rounds: the capital does not have a transcendent interest but several http: // www. sites and museums essential. One quickly becomes impatient to discover the rest of the country ... high mountains, in the Little Caucasus, where elevations exceed 5,000 meters (eg Mount Ararat) , beautiful hiking trails, the highlands where enthroned ancient towns, villages, temples, churches and monasteries declared World Heritage by UNESCO! Climate: when to go? Landlocked in the Caucasus mountains, Armenia lives under the influence of a marked continental climate: the seasons are contrasted with harsh winters (negative temperatures from December to February) and conversely, hot summers ( the thermometer is around 30-40 ° C in July and August!) and very little rainfall. Attention to daily climatic variations due to altitude in an essentially composed of mountain country ... Travel Armenia has tense diplomatic relations with most of its neighbors, and the Caucasus regularly experiences separatist conflict: why , the regions

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